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February 18, 2019

Misdiagnosed nurse seeks compensation

Pandya Memorial Hospital in Mombasa. /FILE
Pandya Memorial Hospital in Mombasa. /FILE

A woman who sued Pandya memorial for a wrong diagnose and treatment is still in search for justice.

Caroline Menganga had sued the well-known hospital alongside one of its doctors, Fathiya Abdalla who allegedly treated her.

But 19 years later, Menganga is yet to be compensated for the wrong treatment which caused her grievous damages.

In 1999, Menganga who worked as a nurse at the Pandya hospital sought medical assistance from the hospital after developing a fever and a cough.

After tests,she was diagnosed with tuberculosis and was placed under anti-TB medication.

It was later discovered that she was misdiagnosed which caused her constant anemic as well as enlarged lymph.

Both Pandya and the doctor have denied responsibility and wants the case which is before a Mombasa court dismissed.

On Thursday, during the hearing of the matter, doctor Abdalla said she did not cause the damages intentionally.

“I did not mess her life, I was trying to assist her, “she said.

Doctor Abdalla said Menganga was put under the TB medication after it was highly suspected she was infected with the disease.

She revealed that even before she placed her under the medication, she had consulted widely with the other doctors in the hospital.

She further noted that she gave the plaintiff a standard dose recommended for adults contrary to reports that she had prescribed an overdose.

The doctor said that it was unfortunate that the drugs reacted negatively to the patient as it had worked well with other patients.

She said she tried to rectify the mistake by stopping the anti-tuberculosis treatment immediately Menganga brought the issue up.

Abdalla said the plaintiff was given medication and her situation neutralized and she improved greatly.

The doctor said neither the hospital nor did mishandle the patient.

Menganga wants the court to have the hospital and the doctor pay her sh 18,800 and interests incurred since 1999.



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