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February 23, 2019

Lower cost of living, MCAs tell President

Nyamira assembly in session / ALVIN RATEMO
Nyamira assembly in session / ALVIN RATEMO

Nyamira MCAs have demanded for President Uhuru Kenyatta’s intervention to lower the sky-rocketing cost of living.

The ward reps on Tuesday said the cost of living is too high for the common mwananchi.

Bomwagamo  MCA Charles Barongo said the increase in fuel prices has made the cost of other commodities and services to rise, making life unbearable.

"The government should manage the state of the economy in the country instead of just keeping quiet as its people suffer. We are calling upon the intervention of President Kenyatta to reduce the cost of living to a level Kenyans can afford," he said. 

He further noted that the handshake deal between President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition leader Raila Odinga will not have any effect to Kenyans, if the cost of living will continue shooting high every now and then. 

"We are worried that the handshake never meant good for our country because if the cost of living is still unaffordable, then it means the it was meant to exploit Kenyans, especially those who cannot afford the high cost of living," he said. 

Nominated MCA Abel Mose said the country is now in a bad state the majority of Kenyans can not cope with the state of the economy. He said commodity prices have hiked, making it hard for wananchi to afford. 

"It is hurting that the country can suffer as a result of poor economy, while leaders had promised to lower the cost of living and make it affordable. We are  going to push for adjournment to join our fellow Kenyans to demand for the reduction of the cost of living to a point that every other Kenyan can afford," Mokaya said.

In May last year, ahead of the August 8 General Election, President Kenyatta instructed Treasury to come up with policies that would tame escalating prices of basic commodities. 

Given most consumer products are transported by road in Kenya, manufacturers and movers pass additional fuel cost to consumers, making life more difficult for Kenyans, who are already pressed by harsh microeconomic factors and unemployment.

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