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January 20, 2019

CEO, music stars paint the town red with side chicks

Revellers silhouetted by smoke in a nightclub. /FILE
Revellers silhouetted by smoke in a nightclub. /FILE

A popular CEO of an entertainment firm and two washed out music stars are the latest sponsors in town.

The three men are known for always hanging out with their side chicks at some of the popular uptown clubs from Thursday to Sunday.

They always cause a spectacle as they spend their money on the girls, who look like socialites.

Here, they buy expensive drinks, dance through the night, and later drive away in pairs or threes at the wee hours of the morning.

Sometimes, the girls get so high and cause a scene, but the CEO and his minions are never fazed because the bouncers always clean up their mess.

The two male celebrities recently parted ways with their baby mamas, and it seems they are now free agents sampling new fruits out here.

The CEO is said to have three baby mamas and is currently dating a famous DJ. He is known for his love for light-skinned women.

The music boss has been a sponsor of a series of failed socialites who he later dumps once his eyes are set on new meat in the market.

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