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December 10, 2018

Impassable roads force villagers to transport corpse on shoulders

Residents of St  omas village in Rurii ward, Nyandarua, decided to repair the St omas-Gikumbo road themselves, fi ll potholes with stones /NDICHU WAINAINA
Residents of St  omas village in Rurii ward, Nyandarua, decided to repair the St omas-Gikumbo road themselves, fi ll potholes with stones /NDICHU WAINAINA

Villagers have been forced to carry the corpse of an 82-year-old woman on their shoulders due to impassable roads. 

The woman died in Mombasa and was buried in Nguba village in Rurii ward, in Nyandarua county, last Thursday.

However, vehicles could not access the village due to impassable roads in the rainy season. 

“These leaders are now waiting for five years to come and lie to us again. We are going to shame them," said Margaret Wairimu, a villager.

Mary Njeri, a granddaughter of the deceased, said prior to transporting their grandmother’s body from Mombasa they approached Rurii MCA John Mburu alias Wa Maria to repair the road.

"He told us to sort ourselves. We had no alternative than carrying the body ourselves when we reached the village,” she told the Star.

MCA Mburu did not respond when the Star called him for comment.

Ol Kalou MP David Kiaraho said the road is the responsibility of the county government.

“These roads used to be well-maintained when they were under CDF. But they are now devolved and once a function is devolved sufficient funds are devolved too,” he told the Star.

Kiaraho said he understands the sufferings of the villagers.

In three other nearby villages, residents also accused the Nyandarua county government, their MPs and MCAs of deserting them.

They said the leaders don’t care about the problems they are going through owing to impassible roads.

In Weru ward, Ol joro orok, residents of Amani and Karandi villages demonstrated on Monday afternoon over the pathetic condition of two roads which lead to the area.

The roads are flooded and pupils from Kianduba and Karandi primary schools and Karandi secondary school have problems accessing their schools.

Villagers also have problems moving their produce to market because vehicles cannot access their farms and donkey cannot navigate the flooded roads.

Weru MCA Mbogo Mburu said the Monday protests were informed by politics and malice.

“You should know this is politics and stop asking questions like someone who smoke marijuana,” he told this reporter.

Esther Wachomba, a villager, said since Governor Francis Kimemia, Ol joro orok MP Michael Muchira and Weru MCA Mbogo Mburu were elected, they have never visited the villages.

“During campaigns they moved door to door wearing gumboots. They told us these roads will be fixed once they are elected,” she said

Mary Nguthu said, for decades, she has never seen a grader in the area. She said the current leaders have not helped the situation.

“Unfortunately our MP, Michael Muchira and MCA Mbogo Mburu, even pretend they don’t Know us when we greet them,” she said.

At St Thomas village in Rurii ward, villagers repaired the St Thomas- Gikumbo road themselves.

They said if anyone has a building project, they shoulder the burden for materials to access the site.

“If we are told our elected leaders died, we shall believe since we never see them,” said Patrick Mahinda, a villager.

Nyandarua executive for roads Stephen Mbugua said the county is aware of the suffering of the residents and efforts ongoing to address the situation.

He said he is mobilising resources to deal with flooding at Weru, while in Ririi, the drainage system will be properly addresses since most of the area is flat.

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