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January 16, 2019

High-flying male artiste living large on sponsor’s bill

Is that him? Gosh!
Is that him? Gosh!

One third of a popular Kenyan male group has been rumoured to be a kept man. He recently launched a record label that is apparently under the woman funding his lifestyle.

The artiste has been living a lavish life, from expensive club hangout to parties all over, but all this under the care of a sugar mummy. From his dressing, his shoes, the chains and even his teeth, you can think his music has made him some good money.

Well, probably not, because he literally lives, feeds and dresses under the care of his sugar mummy. Something he has managed to keep a secret with all the young girls he has been seen with in clubs. He has been accused of leaving the club without paying bills of those same girls he hangs out with.

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