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January 20, 2019

Death threats on Charles Kanjama in Mukhtar case alarms LSK

LSK Allen Gichuhi during campaigns for the seat in Mombasa, June 29, 2018. /JOHN CHESOLI
LSK Allen Gichuhi during campaigns for the seat in Mombasa, June 29, 2018. /JOHN CHESOLI

The Law Society of Kenya wants an alleged assassination plot against lawyer Charles Kanjama probed.

Kanjama is representing the family of former Garissa Finance CEC Idris Mukhtar who escaped death on August 19. 

He was shot by a lone gunman captured on CCTV footage in Nairobi’s Kileleshwa last week and is admitted to Nairobi Hospital in critical condition.

The lobby cited the death of key witness David Mwai as a pointer to interference with investigations. Mwai, who died in a Parklands police cell, is said to have confessed to the police how he was contracted to kill Mukhtar as he left a mosque in Kileleshwa.

A report by police chiefs said the Mwai committed suicide, but the circumstances are unclear.

LSK president Allen Gichuhi said Kanjama, who is the Nairobi LSK chairman, has reliably been informed by investigators he is a target for elimination.

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Gichuhi said: "The LSK notes with great concern harassment and threats of our members in the course of duty."

He condemned the attempted assassination of Mukhtar and the plot against Kanjama.

Gichuhi said the LSK wants an urgent probe into the matter.

"The loathe, lackadaisical and scattered responses so far are totally unacceptable," he said.

Flying Squad arrested Garissa governor Ali Korane at his home over the ex-CEC's shooting. He has denied involvement.

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