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January 22, 2019

Annitah Raey starts dating after divorce


Annitah Raey is in love! Yes, who knew the brave Radio Jambo presenter with a commanding voice would find someone who completes her world?

Speaking exclusively to Word Is, the single mother of two revealed that she is as surprised as we are that she could finally entrust her heart to someone, after her divorce in 2011.

“I was not planning on dating him and he knows! I actually told him that if I ever walked into a room where he is, he would not be my number one choice, because he is the complete opposite of me. But weirdly here we are,” Annitah said.

“He makes me really happy. If you know me well I’m a bit crazy, wild and a lot to handle. So if anyone can handle me drunk, sober, being a mother and emotional, then I think he is literally priceless. He is life itself.” 

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