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February 18, 2019

County staff arrested for soliciting bribes

City Hall /FILE
City Hall /FILE

EACC detectives on Friday arrested five county officers for allegedly soliciting bribes from members of the public. The five posed as county Inspectorate officers and were arrested with wads of cash.

According to one of the arresting officers, investigations have also revealed that none of the arrested officials works in the Inspectorate department as they claimed.

“They are from Finance and Public Works sectors,” the officer said. They used fake ID numbers that do not match the ones in their files in the Human Resource department at City Hall.

Meanwhile, the county government has raised the alarm over impersonators and former county Inspectorate officers who solicit bribes from the public.

Security and compliance chief officer Tito Kilonzi said the former officers, who have either retired or were dismissed over misconduct, have continued to harass residents.

“There is a collusion among our former officers who were dismissed from duty for various cases of gross misconduct,” Kilonzi said in a statement yesterday.

In September 2016, five people, among them three former county employees, were arrested and charged with impersonating City Hall officials.

Stanley Muritu, George Muiruri and Richard Kimani ­— all former inspectorate officers — were arrested by detectives working with EACC officers. They were arrested while attempting to tow a public service vehicle at OTC bus station.


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