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February 20, 2019

Bungoma set to revive Matulo airstrip

Bungoma governor Wycliffe Wangamati in july /BRIAN OJAMAA
Bungoma governor Wycliffe Wangamati in july /BRIAN OJAMAA

Bungoma County government and  Kenya Airways Authority have Initiated the process of operationalizing Matulo airstrip in the outskirts of Webuye town.

Governor Wycliffe’s Wangamati says that as a county they had written a letter to the ministry of transport and the cabinet secretary in charge who  has given them an approval to go ahead with the renovations.

“We also wrote a letter to Kenya Airways Authority (KAA), the officers visited our office and also visited Matulo airstrip on a fact finding mission and we are hopeful that the technical assessment will give us a go ahead to renovate it from either November, December or January 2019 so that we are able to offer cheap flight to our local residents,” said Wangamati.

Speaking at Kanduyi DEB primary school on Saturday, Wangamati assured area residents that his aim is to have cheap transport means from the county to Nairobi or Mombasa without necessarily having to travel all the way to Kisumu or Eldoret to to take a flight.

Early 2018 an airline company had pledged to start a direct flight to Bungoma County.
This was to signal to a booming business and a reprieve to many passengers who had to get such services from either Kisumu or Eldoret.

 The team from Freedom Airline February 2, 2018 assured Governor Wycliffe Wangamati that they were to start their flight services the First week of March, 2018.
The services were to be offered at Matulo Airstrip in Webuye West constituency, the governor’s press service had reported.
The team from the Freedom airline was led by one of the airline’s directors Bashora Bashir, who together with governor Wangamati assessed the airstrip and expressed their excitement at the vast opportunity the airstrip held and were optimistic of the mutual benefit that locals and the investors will get from the business venture.
“The airline will have two flights a week, Friday and Sunday to begin with,” assured Bashir.
The announcement drew excitement from the locals who said that it was a good move by the county government to attract such investors.
“Am happy I will be flying direct to Matulo airstrip from Nairobi then walk on foot to my home in Matisi village about 2 Kilometers away, this is a great stride, this was untapped business area, our people will now use this opportunity to grow economically,” said Joseph Wangila a resident of Bungoma.

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