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January 23, 2019

Bogus Nigerian soccer players are arrested

Makueni county commissioner Mohammed Maalim. /FILE
Makueni county commissioner Mohammed Maalim. /FILE

At least 10 people have been arrested in Makueni county over the last one week for being in Kenya illegally, says county commissioner Mohammed Maalim.

He said among them were three Nigerians arrested in Kilungu. The county commissioner yesterday said the three, purporting to be professional players of Nunguni Football Club, did not have any valid immigration documents.

Maalim said the government is committed towards ridding the country of illegal foreigners.

He issued a stern warning to those harbouring them in the county. “We have reports of even senior government officials hiring foreigners as househelps and other menial jobs. We shall not allow this to continue,’’ he told the Star.

Maalim noted there is an influx of illegal immigrants from neighbouring countries of Tanzania and Uganda.

He singled out Wote and Emali as the major towns where foreigners have found a safe haven and warned those caught will be prosecuted and deported.

‘‘Foreigners working in the country without permits will also be deported. We cannot allow foreigners in the county to work as hawkers and do other jobs that can be done by Kenyans,” Maalim said.

He said foreigners with the right papers will not be targeted in the crackdown.


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