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February 18, 2019

Series Review: 'Insatiable' conceals important messages with unnecessary dark humour


STARRING: Debby Ryan, Dallas Roberts, Christopher Gorham, Michael Provost, Alyssa Milano

DIRECTED BY: Susanna Fogel

GENRE: Black comedy

BASED ON: “The Pageant King of Alabama” by Jeff Chu



As an overweight teenager, Patty Bladell faces a lot of bullying in school. And although she tries to be strong about facing her bullies, Patty buries her anger deep inside. 

But when she’s at a low point and a homeless man calls her a fatty, Patty loses control and breaks the homeless man’s nose. In turn, he breaks her jaw. Since Patty is forced to be on a liquid diet from her broken jaw, she loses a lot of weight during that summer break. Patty’s mum Angie is forced to acquire legal help, as Patty has been charged with attacking a homeless man. 

As it turns out, the lawyer, Bob Armstrong, also used to moonlights as a pageant coach. When Bob sees Patty’s new image he sees an opportunity to return to the pageant arena with a winner. He gets Patty’s case dismissed and asks her if she would like to enter pageants. 

Although Patty still has self-image issues, she thinks that winning a national pageant will be her ultimate revenge to all her old bullies. But Patty’s deep-set anger is the only thing keeping her from being a winner. 

Whilst the show focuses on Patty and Bob’s daily struggles, it does shine a light on internal struggles that face a myriad of people. From the teenage girl who questions her sexuality to the stay-at-home mums who desire something more. 

On the downside, to find actual meaning in this show, one has to navigate many crass and cringy moments that are unnecessary. The dark humour seems to take away the significance of addressing important issues in the show. Instead, the show has become a controversial topic with stereotypical representations. 


Star Rating: 2/5

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