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February 20, 2019

Mandera security has improved – county boss

County commissioner Olaka Kutswa/ FILE
County commissioner Olaka Kutswa/ FILE

Security has been fully restored in Mandera, the county commissioner Olaka 

Kutswa has said.

Addressing the press in Mandera town, Kutswa  said the security normalcy has been as a result of concerted efforts amongst all security agents.

   “The region enjoys more security than the past two years where the Al Shabaab killed dozens of innocent residents,” Kutswa said. He called on area residents to cooperate with police in reporting crime to make the region even safer for investment and living.

Previous attacks by gunmen in the county have appeared to target non-locals. Teachers, in particular, have been affected, making their umbrella bodies-KUPPET and KNUT- to aggitate for their transfer.  The assurance by the county security chief addresses concerns of the non-local residents. Latest attack was foiled by the Police in July. It targeted  a public service vehicle travelling from Elwak to Mandera .

In a similar attack a Toyota Land Cruiser was sprayed with bullets at Corner S near Wargadud that is prone to terror attacks. Three passengers were critically injured before police engaged the gunmen. Security agents have in the recent past kept the attackers at bay.

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