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February 16, 2019

Lipstick is not just for twilight girls - Guardian

Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel

Back in the ancient times, red lipstick was used by prostitutes to attract men. Guardian Angel just started a lipstick line, and being in the gospel industry, Word Is asked him what his take is on that.

“That was back in the day, now things are different. It is just an item to make a lady look good. Even pastors’ wives use lipstick and even preach in front of the congregation,” he said.

So far, the response is good. Guardian Angel said he needed to have something more than his music that he can leave behind.

Lipstick was a choice he made because he needed a marketing strategy for his name. Something his fans will always remember him for, even past his music career, in case it ends.

Anything that involves women and children will always get you money. Of course he was not starting a lipstick line to give for free, so the probability of making some good money is high. Guardian said the lipstick is at a price many women can afford, even those of a lower class.

“Every woman wants to look good, so why not give her the opportunity to?” he asked. “At just 700 bob, you will own lipstick.”

When asked why he did not start a clothing line or shoe line like every other artiste, he said:

“Things like a T-shirt or jumper, when you overgrow it or iraruke, you will not go back and replace the same T-shirt, but for lipstick, once it is over, you will go for a replacement of the same lipstick.”

Guardian Angel just released a song, Wema Wako, featuring a new artiste, Baraka. Baraka gave Guardian Angel a video of him doing one of his covers and Guardian Angel loved it. He then called him for a collabo and Baraka presented one of the many songs he has recorded, then Guardian chose Wema Wako and jumped on it.

The gospel star is happy to have his music streamed on the new revolutionary app, Songa by Safaricom. He expects that “my music will reach a lot more people, seeing as most people have smartphones.”

You can find his latest release, Wema Wako, on Songa By Safaricom by dialling *812# or downloading it on the Google app store.

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