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February 22, 2019

Bhang smoking blamed for rise in Embu crime, rape of grannies

Moses Kinyua looks on as police measure bhang estimated at sh2milion which he was caught transporting on December 3 2017
Moses Kinyua looks on as police measure bhang estimated at sh2milion which he was caught transporting on December 3 2017

Embu Senator Njeru Ndwiga has expressed alarm over widespread smoking of bhang.

 He said bhang smoking among the youth, students and many residents must be curtailed and called for “drastic” action by law enforcement. 

“Consumption of bhang in this county is so widespread it’s reaching levels that should make everybody and the entire leadership concerned,” Ndwiga said. 

He told the Star in his office yesterday that if the smoking continues, he fears crimes associated with illicit drugs will spread. 

The senator called on security agencies to intervene quickly to “save the situation”. 

Ndwiga called on security structures, starting with the Nyumba Kumi community policing initiative, to focus on bhang. He called on law enforcement to eradicate it.

Ndwiga blamed bhang addition for the increase in defilement, rape of elderly women and rowdy behavior among young people. 

Similar concern was expressed by Embu West subcounty director of education Ann Githaiga who said bhang smoking is increasing in schools. 

Githaiga said some girls traffic bhang to school by hiding it inside their underwear to avoid detection during inspection. 

"It’s not possible to find it even during thorough inspection." She said vehicles ferrying miraa from Nairobi sell bhang to students. 

"Students end up dropping out and becoming criminals after becoming addicted to bhang," Githaiga said.

She said the student bhang smokers and traffickers woo their classmates, convincing them to try it and they end up becoming addicted. 

A 22-year-old man, Kennedy Muchiri, who was recently arrested for possessing bhang was remanded in custody after he told an Embu court he earns a living by digging pit latrines and boreholes.

Bhang calms him and enables him to overcome his fears at work, he said. 

Boda boda accidents in Embu have been associated with reckless riders who are high on bhang.

 A customer recently narrated how a boda boda operator suspected to be under the influence of bhang carried him for a distance on a murram road.

 He was then abandoned after they reached a tarmac road, where the operator, apparently halucinating, insisted that the road was a big river and he feared they would drown.

 Police last year destroyed bhang worth Sh2million and 40litres of ethanol.

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