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January 17, 2019

I’m ready for national politics once my term expires, says Ojaamong

Busia Governor Sospeter Ojaamong/ JANE CHEROTICH.
Busia Governor Sospeter Ojaamong/ JANE CHEROTICH.

Busia governor Sospeter Ojaamong plans to venture into national politics once his second term ends in 2022.

On Saturday, he did not disclose the position he will be seeking. But in 2014, Ojaamong said he would run for president after completing his second term as governor.

"God is taking me to occupy the presidency when my constitutional second term expires in 2022. I believe that is possible," he had been quoted as saying.

Ojaamong on Saturday said he will push the national government to invest in infrastructure. He said this is key to changing lives and promoting socioeconomic development. 

"I’ll help my county residents to have a share of the national cake — God willing. I’ll leave my deputy, Moses Mulomi, to try his luck in the succession race," Ojaamong said at Kidera Primary School.

"Those who used to compete with me should know that their worthy opponent is now Mulomi — not Ojaamong. Whoever plays his or her cards well will carry the day."

The county boss urged executives and chief officers to serve residents with dedication, warning them against blame games.

"It was challenging for me to come up with 10 CECs and 16 COs against thousands of applicants. I thank God for the good team he picked," he said.

Mulomi promised to keep Ojaamong’s legacy on course. He said he will revamp the health sector. He is in charge of the docket.

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