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January 17, 2019

Comedian talks up his double act with granny

Sammy Brayo and Cucu Brian
Sammy Brayo and Cucu Brian

Samuel Ndungu, alias Brayosammy, does comedy with his grandmother, popularly known as CucuBrayo.

Born and raised partly by his 75-year-old grandmother, he decided to make use of his grandmother to build his talent, as well as keep his ageing grandmother active.

The grandma, from Nakuru, told Word Is her son introduced her to social media with his talent.

“My grandson loves music,” she said. “He visits a lot, and when he arrives at the gate, he starts singing; that is how I know he is around. He started involving me in his singing, although I was resistant because I don’t know English as I never went to school.”

Samuel realised he had a talent in school. “I used to skip classes to go for auditions, although none was successful,” he said. “I would be punished by my teachers and told to bring my mum, which would bring another drama at home. I did auditions for half a year and was not successful. I decided to quit and become more creative now. After school, I thought of making use of my grandma.”

Why decide on his grandma, and was it easy for him to convince her?

“My grandmother was mostly the available person for me, plus no capital needed. I started asking her some funny questions, which we would laugh at together. That is how I got the idea.

What do the granny’s friends back home think of her doing comedy with her grandson?

“They say the videos are good and they all know me now; I have done several interviews on TV. I am happy with what he is doing because he is not idle,” she said.

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