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December 11, 2018

Trendsetter: Rosa's return


Sometimes an artiste finally becomes known, apparently out of nowhere, with a masterwork so intricate and interesting that it leaves you wondering about a couple of things. Foremost, who on God's good earth is this person? Where has he been? How did he know he could do what he does? How does he have so much skill at the outset of his music career?


That is the most likely feeling we all got when singer Rosa decided to reinvent after she featured on Naiboi's InSide early this year. Not to be confused with Tanzanian rapper Rosa Ree, the Kenyan singer is making her way back into the airwaves and this time with a bang. She now has the vocal capability, confidence within her style and looks to carry herself to greater heights.


Of course, as is usually the case with upcoming artists before they start to enjoy the fruits of the mainstream scene, her career goes a little further back than the brilliance that she now exhibits. Her collaborative effort with Naiboi has encouraged her to have her own and now she's back at attempting to make her name as a solo artist.


Her latest release Ride is bright and perfectly injects a sensual vibe to the Kenyan pop sound. She embodies the confident attitude required by an artist to get her brand out there. As refreshingly focused as Rosa's approach is, the search for that genuinely brilliant track will not be easy. In fact, she will be required to dig deeper into the bubble in which she exists.


As we all know, the Kenyan urban scene has always been fast-paced when it comes to minting new stars. Thanks to the presence of digital spaces and an audience ready to be tapped into, artistes can now easily get their talent recognised. However, the pressure lies when the artiste is tasked to maintain their relevance in the market. As is the case, Rosa still has a lot she ought to do to mark her place in the music scene, but so far so good.

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