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December 14, 2018

‘Passive’ Embu residents blamed for rise in crime, told to join battle

Embu town
Embu town

Two civil society groups are urging residents to help fight crime in Embu county.

The Embu Urban Forum and the Community Policing Peace Welfare Society said defilement, rape, drugs and substance abuse, robbery with violence, murders and corruption have increased.

They said residents have failed to individually and jointly participate in eradicating them.

The 200 members on Thursday held a peaceful demonstration in Embu town. They unfurled a banner which residents signed. It said, “Say yes to peace and justice for political social and economic growth.”

 Embu Urban Forum secretary Wawira Njue said residents have failed to expose criminals and this has hurt development.

“Without peace, there can be no development. Right now, Embu is struggling with drugs and substance abuse, a high school dropout rate, rape and defilement and 

theft,” she said.

Wawira said they are educating residents not to leave war on eradicating these vices to the police alone.She said churches also have a duty to condemn the ills in society.

Wawira urged residents to participate during assembly work on issues that affect them such as budget-making.

She said unless the people change and volunteer to participate in the political, social and economic issues, the county will continue lagging behind in development.

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