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January 17, 2019

Nyagarama and Nyaribo marriage ‘not on the rocks’

Nyamira deputy governor Amos Nyaribo and senator Okong’o Omogeni at Nyansiongo on July 20 / ANGWENYI GICHANA
Nyamira deputy governor Amos Nyaribo and senator Okong’o Omogeni at Nyansiongo on July 20 / ANGWENYI GICHANA

Nyamira governor John Nyagarama yesterday said he does not have any differences with his deputy

 Amos Nyaribo.

Nyagarama spoke as leaders told him to get his act together and lift the county from the current quagmire. North Mugirango MP Joash Nyamoko and his Borabu counterpart Ben Momanyi said events at the county are regrettable.

The governor spoke days after Nyaribo expressed his displeasure over what he called violation of the deal between him and Nyagarama.

In the run-up to the last election, Nyagarama and Nyaribo signed an agreement to share power on a 50-50 basis. “We have nothing to wrangle about with my deputy because since I came back we have not sat together.He is out of the country for treatment and I am praying for him to recover,” the governor said.

Nyaribo flew to India for treatment on Monday night. The governor returned to the country a month ago after spending two months in the US for treatment. On the stalemate in the county, Nyagarama said he will do everything possible to end 

the problems.

The governor said workers will receive their three months salaries arrears “in the next few days”.

He said other counties are facing delays in paying staff salaries. “In Bomet, workers were on the road the other day but they went to work after the demonstrations. We are urging our workers to be patient,” Nyagarama said.

Nyamoko, who served as speaker, however, faulted the county assembly and the executive over

 the stalemate.

“The county is almost becoming dysfunctional because of the stalemate. When I was speaker, this nonsense was not witnessed. Devolution was meant to bring services closer to the people and I urge the leaders to get their act together,” he said.

Nyamoko dismissed the deal between Nyagarama and Nyaribo, saying it was a campaign gimmick. “The Constitution is very clear on the roles of the governor and the deputy governor,” Nyamoko said on the phone.

Momanyi, who wants to replace Nyagarama, described the situation at the county as terrible. “We met the governor last week and he assured us he will solve the issues,” he said.

Momanyi, a lawyer, also dismissed the deal. “That is like a gentleman’s agreement which the governor can decide to ignore. How many agreements did we sign as Nasa but ODM disregarded them?” the lawmaker said. Meanwhile, Senator Okong’o Omogeni petitioned the EACC to audit the county. 

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