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January 21, 2019

Luhya unity is a sham, claims ODM’s Sifuna

ODM secretary general Edwin Sifuna
ODM secretary general Edwin Sifuna

The call for Luhya unity is a sham, ODM secretary general Edwin Sifuna (pictured) has said.

He claimed the leaders championing the unity are only out to front their selfish interests, not those of residents.Sifuna said the community has never been split.

“The Luhya nation has never been split. We are always united and those championing these new calls are only out to seek relevance and political gain,” he said during a radio breakfast show.

Sifuna cited the recent sugar report debate, where only a handful of Western leaders were present to talk about the crop, which is the main income earner in the region.

“If we are serious about unity, we should have shown it in the House and the more than 40 leaders would have made their voices heard,” he said.

Sifuna accused the leaders of only congregating at funerals and claiming they are united only to hoodwink the community and end up taking different stands.

He also dismissed claims that certain leaders are eyeing the presidency, saying they do not have the capacity to mount a serious campaign.

Sifuna said Luhya leaders should not say they are going for the top seat just for fame. “We need to be honest with ourselves and not lie to ourselves that we are ready to produce a president. The current leaders are saying this just because they want political mileage. We want people who can stand for something,” he said.

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