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December 14, 2018

Change begins with you, urges Sauti Sol

Sauti Sol ft Nyashinski’s new song
Sauti Sol ft Nyashinski’s new song

Boy band Sauti Sol have for the first time ever done a political song called Tujiangalie, featuring Nyashinski.

Tujiangalie is about the world right now and the number of persistent issues plaguing it. Sauti Sol wrote:

“These things are hardly ever solved and we are consistently short-changed. So we considered, how can we address these frustrations? Our first realisation was to speak power to the reality that we are living in, hence the title Tujiangalie. Self-reflection. Recognising that we have the capacity to change the world we live in by looking inward and holding ourselves accountable for the role we play in society. If we all decide to personally act towards building a world we are proud to live in, then it will become a reality.” 

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