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February 22, 2019

NLC visits Kibarani as recovery of grabbed land gains traction

NLC chairman Muhammad Swazuri with a map of Kibarani dumpsite in Mombasa county during a tour of the area on August 8 /JOHN CHESOLI
NLC chairman Muhammad Swazuri with a map of Kibarani dumpsite in Mombasa county during a tour of the area on August 8 /JOHN CHESOLI

The National Land Commission will this morning head to Mombasa in its bid to recover grabbed land.

It has emerged that some companies in Kibarani have encroached the sea.

“We will be looking into some of the issues surrounding Kibarani, as well as historical land injustices at the Coast,” NLC acting chairperson Abigael Mukolwe told the Star yesterday.

She said most government land has been taken over by private developers.

State entities whose land has been taken over by private developers include the Water ministry, the Kenya Maritime Authority and the Housing ministry.

All government houses in Bamburi have nearly been grabbed.

Mukolwe, who steered clear of the ongoings at the commission, said the Big Four agenda can only be realised if land is available.

Its pillars include housing, food security, manufacturing and universal healthcare.

“The commission is the enabler of the Big Four agenda and as such, we are committed to delivering it,” Mukolwe said.

The NLC's term will end in February 19 next year.

The commission derives its mandate from the Constitution, the National Land Policy (2009) and acts of Parliament — the National Land Commission Act, the Land Act and the Land Registration Act, all of 2012.

Mukolwe dismissed claims that the commission has performed dismally during its term, saying many pieces of public land have been taken over from private hands.

In July, the Parliamentary Committee on Environment and Natural Resources blamed the National Environmental Management Authority and Mombasa county for the grabbing of sea land at the Makupa causeway.

Committee chairman Kareke Mbiuki said he was shocked by the wanton encroachment.

On August 3, Mombasa Land executive Edward Nyale and former NLC chairman Muhammad Swazuri visited the Kibarani dumpsite.

Swazuri said the dumpsite was grabbed in 1994, subdivided into four parcels and allocated to three companies.

He said the plots were illegally and irregularly allocated to Ancient Inland Seas Ltd (0.4ha and 1.3ha), Halid Ahmed (0.5ha) and  Mtech Ltd (2.6ha).

Swazuri said seven parcels stretching into the Indian Ocean have also been allocated.

"Ocean water cannot be allocated and this is straight illegalities," Swazuri said during a fact-finding mission at the area on Friday.

Owners are now expected to produce documentation to showing how the land was acquired.


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