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January 22, 2019

Social Byte

Pastor Robert Burale /COURTESY
Pastor Robert Burale /COURTESY

Not much is known about Pastor Robert Burale's love life, only that he is divorced and a single father.

Burale has always kept the issue of his marriage out of the limelight.

But he took to social media to write about how far he and his ex would be if they were still together. And gave tips to make a marriage to stay strong.

He wrote, "So today I would have been celebrating six years in marriage. Well allow me to give you some tips. For your marriage to stand.

1) STOP involving too many friends in your issues...Most pretend to care but the truth is that they want your marriage to crumble

2) If you have a disagreement...keep in mind you are fighting from the same side. Keep the real enemy away.

3) Your spouse should be your best friend.

4) Never gossip [about] your spouse. It makes you look back.

5) MEN...please know your wife has 7 senses or maybe 10. Hear them and you will be safe.

6) Don’t over splash your displays of affection on social media. Don’t overdo it. Trust me, Monitoring spirits are on the prowl. In fact, I believe some of the most successful relationships (genuinely) are not splashed all over social media.

Marriage is a good thing. Keep it SACRED. Kwa hayo machache, I look forward to marriage. Ama namna gani my friends."


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