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February 19, 2019

Nyamira deputy protests ‘raw deal’

Nyamira deputy governor Amos Nyaribo /ALVIN RATEMO
Nyamira deputy governor Amos Nyaribo /ALVIN RATEMO

Nyamira deputy governor Amos Nyaribo has expressed displeasure over what he described as a violation of the MoU between him and Governor John Nyagarama.

In a statement yesterday, he said the MoU stipulated power was to be shared on a 50:50 basis. Nyaribo said the MoU was signed before commissioner of oaths Kelvin Mogeni and deposited at the office of the Registrar of Political Parties on May 29 last year.

Before the August 2017 polls, Nyaribo and Nyagarama reportedly entered into an agreement to run the county with equal powers.

In a letter, Nyaribo said the MoU contains guidelines regarding appointments, sharing of opportunities and roles in major decisions of governance.

Any major decisions and undertakings in key appointments were to be done through consultation. Nyaribo had been acting in the governor’s position from May until mid-July when Nyagarama returned from the US, where he had gone to seek medical attention.

In his absence, Nyaribo made major changes, including the suspension of payroll officers and 24 other employees who were allegedly hired irregularly.

In the letter, Nyaribo states the MoU means the two would share in the appointment of county executives and chief officers. “Further, the MoU states that any execution or discharge of those appointed in regard to their duties shall at all the times be done after consultation and consensus as stipulated in clause 5 of the MoU,” reads the letter.

Nyaribo said he was “disturbed” by Nyagarama’s decision to reinstate county secretary Eric Aori without consulting him.

Aori was sacked three months ago. His sacking had been contested in the Kisumu Industrial and Labour Relations Court by a citizen and the verdict will be given today.

On August 4, Aori’s return to office was captured by the press. He said Nyagarama told him to go back to office.

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