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December 14, 2018

Kenha bosses called after Mwingi crash

Senator Wambua and Wamatangi yesterday/LYDIA NGOOLO
Senator Wambua and Wamatangi yesterday/LYDIA NGOOLO
The Senate committee on roads and transportation has summoned the Kenya National Highway Authority following the fatal accident which happened in kanginga mwingi where 10 students lost their lives.
Through the committee chairman Paul kimani wamatangi, wants KENHA to submit a report to the committee on the mitigation they have taken following the kanginga Accident which took place on August 8.
"They should do that report before even appearing before the committee. What we specifically want to know is: The works being undetaken in the expansion of the road to ensure it's safe.The time it has taken to have this contract executed up-to where it is. When the contract was given out in terms of expansion to make it saver. When the completion date is expected and which contractor is specifically given the contract and if there is any mitigation which has been there to ensure that the road is not yet completed. What the ministry has done to ensure that the contractors requirements are met. 
Wamatangi added that the ministry should put it clear the reason as to why Tyaa bridge has existed without guard rails for along time and it's one of the biggest highways in Kenya.
Other leaders accompaning him were kitui senator Enoch Kiio who called upon sanity.'
Mwingi central MP Gideon Mulyungi said safety road standards mist be adhered to the latter. "Though KeNHA has woken up after the accident but it's not even satsfactory.
Photo caption: Senate committee on roads and transportation chairman Paul kimani Wamatangi,Kitui senator Enoch Kiio with other members inspecting roads in Kitui yesterday./Lydia Ngoolo.
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