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February 22, 2019

Embu bishops ask Wambora rival to accept court verdict

Governor Martin Wambora speaking at county Primary School after launching a milk feeding programme on March 25 2017
Governor Martin Wambora speaking at county Primary School after launching a milk feeding programme on March 25 2017

Bishops and business leaders from Embu have asked Governor Martin Wambora and former Senator Lenny Kivuti to reconcile.

They urged Kivuti to accept last Friday’s ruling by the Court of Appeal that confirmed Wambora won the August 8 election.

The religious leaders spoke under the umbrella of Embu County Bishops and Pastors Fellowship.

“The verdict should be accepted and because Wambora and Kivuti were fighting and both are Embu leaders, they should shake hands and forgive each other for the sake of development,” said Bishop SilvanusMbogo, who chairs the fellowship.

He was accompanied by his secretary Reverend John Gichangi of ACK, Redeemed Gospel Church Bishop Samuel Nginye and representatives of the Embu chambers of commerce.

Bishop Mbogo said Embu county has dragged in development owing to incessant wrangles since the beginning of devolution.

He said last Friday’s ruling confirming Wambora as governor should put an end to wrangles.

Mbogo asked Wambora to dialogue with Kivuti and other people who oppose him. He also urged Kivuti to reciprocate and accept the offer just as President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga did.

After the ruling last Friday, Wambora said he would reach out to all his rivals while Kivuti said he was going to the Supreme Court.

Nginye urged Kivuti and all Embu residents to accept the verdict and forge ahead. He said the three Court of Appeal judges are law experts, thus peace should prevail.

Embu chamber of commerce chairman Samuel Kanyi urged Kivuti to accept defeat, work with Wambora and share his leadership ideas.

A chamber of commerce director, Johnson Nyaga, said while Kivuti has a right to proceed to the Supreme Court, dialogue should continue.

Parents’ association chairman Njiru Kathangu said all parties should accept the court’s verdict so that people can forge ahead with development after wasting more than five years wrangling.

Former Senate aspirant Alexander Mudigi said there is no need of Kivuti going to the Supreme Court and requested him to reconcile with Wambora for the sake of unity of the Mbeere and Embu communities.

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