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February 17, 2019

Beryl Owano opens up about depression, sexual harassment

Beryl Owano /LILY MWANGI
Beryl Owano /LILY MWANGI

Beryl Owano has been through a lot and she is not afraid to open up and let the world know that the entertainment streets are hard.

Beryl, an upcoming artiste ,opened up about her struggles in her new song, Sinyamazi. She talks about how much she has gone through trying to make it in the music industry.

Her emphasise was on the sexual favours most of the male DJs and producers ask for and how devastated she is that she cannot just make music in peace.

This situation made her feel like life might not be worth living. She fell into deep depression for more than two months. She thought about doing hard drugs such as cocaine. She even confesses she has contact numbers of peddlers all the way in Mombasa.

At this point Beryl was living alone. When matters grew worse, she decided to move back home, where she knows she would be okay.



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