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January 17, 2019

[VIDEO] Open sewer lines in Isiolo pose health risk and hurt businesses

A Sewage plant. Photo Dennis Dibondo
A Sewage plant. Photo Dennis Dibondo

Hundreds of residents of Kulamawe in Isiolo county are at risk of contracting diseases as a result of leaking and open sewers.

Most homesteads are surrounded by inefficient or leaking sewers discharging effluent and residents have urged the government to intervene

Resident Jane Muriuki said roads are impassable and water for domestic use has been contaminated.

The situation worsens during the rainy season with the foul smell making residents’ lives uncomfortable.

Muriuki said businesses are counting losses because neither customers nor suppliers can access the shops.

Former Ngaremara MCA and businessman Peter Losu said the county has done nothing, though the problem has persisted for a year.

plastic waste

Losu, who owns a hotel, said the roads leading to his facility are impassable. He said motorists have to park a distance away and walk.

He said Isiolo Water and Sewerage Company is slow fixing the sewage system whenever it has a problem.

Losu said public health officials have not taken action against butcheries the near the sewer lines.

A spot check revealed most trenches were clogged with plastic waste. The areas usually flooedd during the rainy season due to a poor drainage system and road network.

Resident John Machuguma urged Iwasco to urgently intervene. Abel Gitonga said the problem is a ticking time bomb.

Iwasco commercial manager Nura Bonaya said although the organisation is committed to service, there have been problems because of the misuse of manholes.

He said some individuals dispose solid waste in the system, especially in Kulamawe and Soko mjinga areas, causing recurrent blockages.

new system

Bonaya said the organisation has conducted public awareness campaigns on how to use the sewer line, but problems persist.

He said the pipeline is old and needs replacement. Bonaya said tendering for the project is ongoing and said the situation will improve once a new system is in place. Bonaya urged residents to stop throwing solid waste into the system to avoid blockages.

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