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February 18, 2019

Three missing at sea after boat capsizes

A fully loaded passenger boat takes off to its destination in Lamu.
A fully loaded passenger boat takes off to its destination in Lamu.

Three fishermen have been reported missing after their boat capsized at Kiwayu Island in Lamu East on Thursday afternoon.

However, the accident only became apparent on Friday after they failed to return home. One fisherman has been rescued. All the four fishermen hail from Kizingitini village and were heading to the high seas in Kiwayu and Ndau on their usual fishing expedition. Their boat called ‘Subira’ was overpowered by the strong winds and tides and capsized.

Surviving fisherman Omar Shali said he had to swim for hours to safety and reported the accident to the Kiwayu chief. Those missing have been identified as Athman Ali Gogo, Lali Shali and Huri Shebwana.

“The place where the boat capsized is deep.The wind was so strong and the boat couldn’t withstand it. I just recall all of us being thrown into the water. Then I didn’t see my friends after that. I hope they are somewhere safe and will be found,” Shali said.

County commissioner Joseph Kanyiri said a search and rescue mission has been launched. He said, however, that efforts of the rescue team were being hampered by turbulent tidal waves, which are common in Kiwayu and nearby areas.

He urged fishermen to always keep in touch with Beach Management Units to enusre prompt intervention in case of danger.

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