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January 22, 2019

NLC names firms to be probed for acquiring land in Kibarani

A cargo train penetrates through smokey and rough kibarani dumpsite rail in Mombasa yesterday,several trains have been derailed in the area due to poor railway line.Photo / JOHN CHESOLI
A cargo train penetrates through smokey and rough kibarani dumpsite rail in Mombasa yesterday,several trains have been derailed in the area due to poor railway line.Photo / JOHN CHESOLI

The National Lands Commission has begun investigations to reposes 32 acres of land that was previously used as a holding ground for the Ministry of Livestock and Veterinary Services.

The land is in Mombasa and part of it host Kibarani dumpsite.

The beneficiaries were accused by the Commission of grabbing the beach and threatening the county's island status.

Through a print advert on Thursday, NLC listed 13 companies and an individual to be probed for what it earlier said was "illegal and irregular allocation" of the dumpsite.

Of the 32 acres, only eight acres at the dumsite remains unoccupied.

NLC said it plans to hold a three-day inquiry from August 22 in the county at Kenya School of Government. The Commission seeks to establish how the public land was acquired.

The purported owners have been asked to provide letters of allotment, receipts of payment for allocation, Part Development Plans, deed plans, title deeds and leases.

Ancient Inland Seas Ltd has been listed to hold three parcels under grant in the disputed land: MN/V/2079 (0.4274 ha), MN/VI/3995 (1.332ha) and MN/V/4771 (0.3460 ha).

Multiple ICD has three parcels, too: MN/VI/4178 (1.780 ha), MN/VI/4180 (1.303 ha) and MN/VI/4405 (1.531 ha).

Roosevelt Ltd has double parcels: MN/V/1797 (0.803 ha) and MN/V/2067 (0.9043 ha).

The rest had a parcel each: M.Tech Building Works (MN/VI/4812 and 2.609 ha), Makupa Transit (MN/VI4173 and 3.030 ha), Multiple ICD Kenya Ltd (MN/VI/4404 and 0.8090ha), Talib Bulk Oil Terminal Ltd (MN/VI/4181 and 4.416 ha), Wedam Ltd (MN/VI/3823 and 1.006ha) and Garissa Holdings Ltd (MN/VI/3819 and 0.8019 ha).

Halid Ahmed owned a 0.4991-ha land.

NLC two weeks ago said greencards -- document with all transactions pertaining a given land -- for some parcels had gone missing in an attempt to conceal evidence.

And on Thursday, owners of six parcels were not identified: MN/VI3805 (0.0450ha), MN/VI/4801, MN/VI/4802, MN/VI/4803, MN/VI/4082 and MN/VI/4386.

NLC in the advert could also not identify acreage, plan number, date the title was issued, rate number and CR number for five parcels.

Chairman Mohamed Swazuri had said it was normal for records to go missing when a land is flagged as dubiously acquired.

"This is because people are trying to hide the truth. Government records will never get lost," Swazuri said on August 3.

"Because these parcels were named by the President, people had to do "ukarabati" (cover their tracks) and that is why they got lost," Swazuri added.

The first subdivision was by Wedam Ltd in 1995 and the latest by M.Tech Buildings Works in 2010.

Swazuri said the holding ground was never degazetted, thus occupiers were there illegally.

President Uhuru Kenyatta directed the NLC to revoke these title deeds and revert the land back to the county government to be used for recreation purposes.

Also to be probed is the land located in the upper zone former holing ground that NLC said was alienated. Settlers include Kenya Railway Corporation employees (3.80 ha), Kenya Meat Commission (2.9146ha), Kenya Ports Authority (2.39ha) and Civicon Ltd (0.7863ha and 0.8291ha). Others are V. Naram Mulji Prioperties (4.947ha), Mitchel Cotts Kenya Ltd (2.449ha) among others.

The lower zone alienated from unassigned government land and water bodies will also be scrutinized. Occupiers include Gapco Kenya Ltd (2.762ha), Soko Properties (2ha), Mat Int Ltd (3.390ha) and Mat Intl Terminal (!5.27ha).

NLC said fish landing sites under Mombasa county will be checked.

National Assembly committee on environment said only 100 metres was left of the beach, hence threatening Mombasa's island status.


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