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January 21, 2019

Inside Maxi Priest’s exclusive meet and greet party

Maxi Priest
Maxi Priest

Jamaican reggae artist Maxi Priest visited Kenya for his first-ever concert. He performed at Ngong' Racecourse last weekend. Later in the week week, the reggae icon hosted an exclusive meet and greet party at Ole Sereni, to which a few members of the media fraternity, sponsors and fans were invited.

Guests mingled and hang out with Maxi Priest and his band in the hush hush event.

In an interview with Word Is, he shared some of the things people tell him about his songs.

"It is very inspiring when you hear people narrate how your songs have transformed them while others say they heard your songs playing in hospital while giving birth. That really encourages me to continue doing music," he said.

His music evokes feelings of nostalgia. So, how has music changed the star's life?

"Music has changed my life so much, especially financially, plus it has made me travel the world giving me an experience that I would have never gotten. My experience in Kenya can only be described in one word—fabulous. I feel so good especially because this was my first time to be in Kenya," he said.

Maxi says his legacy "is to be an inspiration to young people but first of all you have to seek God and then the rest comes. Music is always changing and we have to learn and evolve with the different cultures ans appreciate the different ways in life."

His first major album was the self-titled Maxi Priest in 1988, which, along with his cover of Cat Stevens Wild World, established him as one of the top British reggae singers.

The visiting legend shot a music video with Kenyan star Chiluba at the Nairobi Railways Museum.

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