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January 21, 2019

Judiciary should hear corruption cases faster

The judiciary. Photo/MOnicah Mwangi
The judiciary. Photo/MOnicah Mwangi

The trial of former Youth PS Lilian Omollo and NYS director general Richard Ndubai will be held from January 7 to 31 next year (see P9).

The dates were agreed before the principal magistrate in the Anti-Corruption Court yesterday.

The minimum Sh800 million fraud in the National Youth Service was first exposed in 2015.

Finally Omollo, Ndubai and others were charged with economic crimes in May. Their case was set for August. Now it has been put off to next year.

This high-profile case can be a yardstick for prosecution of corruption. It is being heard in a special court dedicated to corruption cases. And presumably the DPP presented a solid file of evidence before the arrests.

Chief Justice David Maraga promised that important corruption cases would be heard expeditiously. This does not look speedy.

The Judiciary may argue that it lacks resources but the Judiciary should also be sensitive to the huge public interest in the President’s anti-corruption drive.

The Judiciary should have struggled to hear this case sooner.

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