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February 23, 2019

Nandi stops MP building hospital on disputed land

Kesses MP Swarrup Mishra and Nandi lands CEC Jacob Tanui during a meeting in Kapsabet on Monday.Photo BY BARRY SALIL
Kesses MP Swarrup Mishra and Nandi lands CEC Jacob Tanui during a meeting in Kapsabet on Monday.Photo BY BARRY SALIL

Nandi county has again stopped the contruction of a private hospital on a land said to belong to the public.

Kesses MP Swarrup Mishra claims he owns the land, and plans to contruct on it a Sh1.2 billion private hospital.

The MP, who is the proprietor of Mediheal Group of Hospitals, claims he has held back plans for the hospital six years now.

Nandi Land executive Jacob Tanui and the county legal officer George Tarus yesterday said the project should be stopped as the plot belongs to the government.

Tanui said: “Much as the Dr Mishra has a title deed, the county government cannot allow all its plots meant for public utilities to be taken away and be left with none,” he said.

“We have asked the honorable MP to furnish the county with all the required land documents because the process of acquisition is suspect as we are in the process of recovering others, one being this,” he added.

Speaking after meeting the county officials, Mishra said he purchased the plot from another developer.

“I’m an investor eager to create jobs for the people of Nandi and will be able to provide affordable health care to the locals. What I wanted was to get the support from the county,” Mishra said.

However, Tanui said the documents of ownership were suspect and that he will not allow an illegality in the process.

“There was a caution issued over the land and we are surprised he has a tittle deed, NLC (National Land Commission) must be brought on board to shed light on the ownership,” Tanui said.

The controversy over Mishra’s land first came to light in 2015 when he announced the county had informed him verbally to stop work on the hospital project.

At that time, Mishra said the land was sold to him by three individuals who produced documents confirming ownership.

The four-acre plot is located near Kapsabet town law courts.

“I am just hoping that I have not been conned. We are in talks with the county government and others involved. I believe we will sort out the matter amicably,” he said.

He pledged to invest in the project during the Nandi county investment forum that year. Nandi county is also contesting the ownership of another land adjacent to Mishra’s parcel, currently claimed by the African Inland church.

The 12-acre tea farm was allocated to the church 30 years ago by former president Daniel Moi.




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