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February 19, 2019

David the student accused of conning Kenyans in US

David the Student
David the Student

Popular comedian David Kangingo alias David the Student is not new to controversy. The comedian, who has featured on Churchill Show a number of times, is making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

David, who is known for his 'schupid' catchline and Kalenjin accent, was in 2016 accused by a fan called Grace Mboya of conning her. Grace said the comedian acquired money from her under false pretense. In a recent interview with Word Is, she said David owes her Sh188,650.

Early this week the comedian, who currently lives in the US, was put on the spot by some Kenyans he owes thousands of shillings. One Frank Njoroge took to Facebook to call out the comedian for being a con.

Frank, Mike Snr and many others who came out to expose David the Student, said he has mastered tricks of conning Kenyans in the diaspora.

Frank wrote: "I want to notify you of a conman who has given some of us a hard time here in the diaspora. Comedian David the Student has taken money from our pockets in pretense of either his dad is sick of cancer, his relatives hospitalized in a coma and so many other things. I introduced him to the owner of Rafikiz Restaurant in Seattle to host him after he fell out with his promoter Steve Mbugua after he (Steve) received complains from people David has conned in the name of his promoter."

In some of the screenshots we're in possession of, the comedian asks for loans from multiple people. In one he wrote: "My dad's car broke down on the way to Nakuru. He's stuck on the road and it's late in the night. Help me with 3k, please. In another one he wrote; " My dad woke me up. Ako Nakuru hajui huku ni saa ngapi. I need a favour, loan me $100, I will refund."

David later took to social media to clear the air and admittedhe owes people money. He said comedy in Kenya doesn’t pay and being famous and broke comes with its price.

"It is true I borrowed money but I have never told anyone my dad has cancer! I apologize to everyone I borrowed and those who lent me money and I've not refunded. I take full responsibility and I am ashamed. There's so much pressure being on TV to live a certain life but in real sense it's crazy. Comedy in Kenya doesn't pay."

He later pulled down the post and when reached for a comment, he blue ticked us.

Steve was forced to use the money he was supposed to pay David for his performance in Seattle to pay people he owed money in Las Vegas. Mike Snr, who is not related to the comedian in any way, also fell for his trap.

Another lender who did not want to be named told Word Is, "He actually borrowed money from me and I threatened him and pretty much forced his promoter to pay me some of the money from his paycheck.

"I don't know know how he expects to ever get any gigs in the US again...and the people he is stealing from are the people who took care of him when he was here. We drove the guy around, took him out, and then he does this sh*t."

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