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February 20, 2019

Governor Waititu, rivers can’t change their course

Mara River
Mara River

Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu has proposed that authorities should re-route rivers, rather than unnecessarily demolishing buildings.

As a former Deputy Mayor of Nairobi, Waititu should know that this is a very unrealistic proposal. Where would be the new course for the rivers? When they overflow during heavy rains, they follow their natural course, which is why Ukay Nakumatt was always getting flooded.

Conceivably giant tunnels could be created for the rivers underground but this would need to be done before a building like Ukay is constructed. It is too late now.

Moreover, ground covered with concrete will continue to increase in Nairobi with urban development and loss of tree cover. Water runoff will increase and more rain will flow into the rivers. This will get worse as extreme weather becomes more common due to climate change. Flooding in Nairobi is only going to get worse.

Drastic action to quickly restore the river beds is vital. Demolition of buildings illegally built on riparian reserves is unavoidable.

Quote of the day: "Either you bless the talent that God have given you or you waste it."

Jay-Jay Okocha

The Nigerian footballer was born on 14 August, 1973




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