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December 19, 2018

Corridors of Power

Nana Wanjiku Gecaga .PHOTO/COURTESY
Nana Wanjiku Gecaga .PHOTO/COURTESY

Why has KICC chief executive Nana Gecaga blatantly refused to pay suppliers even at the risk of the assets of the alluring facility being auctioned? It is understood that KICC has spent millions of shillings in litigation, money that could even dwarf the amount demanded by some suppliers who have enforcement orders to attach KICC property. But even more puzzling are claims that the facility is now dogged by audit queries. Nana, as she is commonly known, is niece to President Uhuru Kenyatta, who has sanctioned a crackdown on corruption.

That Homa Bay Town MP Peter Kaluma loves controversy is not in doubt. Yes, he has been involved even in fist fights. But its his insinuation that in 2022, Homa Bay County must elect one of her daughters as the next Woman Rep or Senator has drawn the ire of women leaders. None other than Raila Odinga's sister, Wenwa Akinyi, took on the lawmaker for discriminatory and divisive talk: “Do you mean if a lady is born in Homa Bay and married in Kiambu, she has more right to come back to represent the ladies in Homa Bay than Wanga, Eve Obara, Gogo? Should our sons in Homa Bay only marry from the same county?” Well, Corridors is waiting for Kaluma, a lawyer, to expound on his unconstitutional satatement and what he has against elected female lawmakers of Homa Bay.

A second term MP implicated in bribery allegations that rocked Parliament last week has panicked. The lawmaker who was associated with the payment in the corridors of Parliament reportedly took off with money that was supposed to be given to some four MPs. A mole has informed Corridors of Power that since Thursday, the MP has not been picking calls from his colleagues who are equally determined to get as share of the loot. The MP reportedly fraudulently signed for the four MPs on a list he had for accountability purposes which was delivered back to the financier who called each of the MPs back to say ‘thank you.’ The MPs realised they had been shortchanged when the ‘source’ called them on Saturday.

One of the 47 governors recently shocked Kenyans when he readily admitted that he was once involved in corruption but turned a leaf after assuming the top county seat. During a phone interview with a local radio station, he shocked listeners when he said: “Ata mimi nilikuwa mkora hapo zamani lakini sasa niko mstari wa mbele kupigana na thulma” (I was once a bad guy but am currently on the forefront in the fight against impunity). Well, so what exactly did he used to do? Confess, governor. Confess!

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