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January 21, 2019

Trendsetter: The gospel according to Bahati


The discussion around what Christian and what's not is already getting old. Majority have already accepted that the ship sailed and what was initially believed to be the rule that governs religious way, at least if not all, no longer exists. Bahati is from an era where Christian music has evolved into a expressive genre, where you can do whatever you want as long as you profess Christ.

Bahati has met his fair share of public aftermath for his choices in the past. His love life, his music direction and his personal life have been under constant scrutiny and any time he appeared to be doing things contrary to the set guidelines of the Christians, he has been criticised harshly. Fortunately, this seems to be working for him.

The truth is, all the talk surrounding his existence has led to greater things in his life. He his no longer beefing with fellow artiste Willy Paul, but instead now he is featuring in a reality show focusing on his life called "Being Bahati" - which recently premiered. Much like the public reaction to his controversial moments, all eyes will certainly be on his latest project. According to him, the show is in deed a proper deal that could actually boost his career.

We can't forget the actually reason why we are discussing Bahati. He rose to fame due to the emotional immediacy that was rife in the tunes "Mama" and "Barua". It's also possible that his rapid rise to the top was due to his likability. However, his tracks now are equal parts endearing and grating, a fact that made it pretty easy for his closest rival Willy Paul dominate the chart effortlessly. In fact, right now they are incomparable.

Not much has changed musically since we first encountered Bahati. He has truly made something for himself, however, he's completely lost touch with his innovative side. Most will agree that there is nagging familiarity with every track he releases. For this reason, it's hard to enjoy his music as it is to pity him. The positive thing here might be the decision to have a TV show revolving around his life. Maybe that will surely boost for his career, but that is only dependent upon how good the show will be.

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