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January 21, 2019

Rev Natasha talks about ministry and living upright

The founder and overseer of Prophetic Latter Glory Ministries International, Rev Lucy Natasha, was called to ministry at a tender age.

The soft-spoken Rev Natasha was brought up by parents who were also in ministry. In a recent interview with Sasa, she took us through her journey.

“I always say it was by God’s grace [that I went into ministry] because I used to stammer when I was young.”

One time her mother organised a prayer meeting during which it was prophesied one of her children would be a prophet who would reach many nations. Natasha and her siblings were called out and it was revealed she was the one. Much like the biblical David was picked out from among his brothers to be the King of Israel.

“I was very young and did not understand what was happening. After they prayed for us, the greatest miracle that God gave me was the ability to speak. For the first time I could call my mum.” Her parents started mentoring her and she became active in ministry. “Rev Teresia gave me a platform to preach during children crusades.”

She started her outreach ministry at the age of 19, first in various villages, then in East Africa and later the rest of the world. Besides spreading the Gospel, she has other ministries that help the less fortunate.

“I’m also the founder of the Natasha Hand of Compassion...We reach out to those behind bars like in Kamiti Maximum Prison, where we take Bibles and basic necessities. These are people who society and even their families have given up on. We give them hope and try to show them...the love of God is with them and prepare them for life after prison.”

She also visits children’s homes and homes for the elderly. Thanks to her work through Natasha Hand of Compassion, she was nominated for the African Prestigious Award, which celebrates achievers in Africa.



Natasha has authored 12 books, four of which are already in circulation. The topics are diverse and each has a message for all Christians. So what inspires her?

“...[with] books you can reach where you can’t [physically] and people will still get to know about the word of God.”

One of her books is called Touching Heaven through Prayers. “This book is very close to my heart because prayer has been the secret of my life. You can preach and perish but you cannot pray and perish because prayer is a place of revelation. It is the meeting point between divinity and humanity. Anything that is rooted in prayer can’t be uprooted with the hands of men.”

Another book is called Every Problem has an Expiry Date. “This book [is meant to] encourage. It’s a book of hope. In it I focus on people in the scriptures who faced problems, just to remind [the reader] that the point [where she/he puts a full stop in their lives, that is when God begins a new sentence.”

Natasha believes women have a place in God’s work and agenda. In God’s Leading Lady she focuses on women in the Bible, the challenges they faced and how they overcame them. Women such as Deborah, who was a prophetess.

During this year’s Valentine’s season, Natasha released Before you Say I do: Falling in Love without Falling in Trouble, for which she came under criticism. Most people asked why she wrote content for married people yet she herself is still single.

He answer, “Even in a football team, coaches don’t play. So even if I’m not married, by the grace of God I can share something that will inspire [married people].”

In the book she talks about the six types men women should never marry, and these include nonbelievers. “I won’t say God will not bless that marriage but the Bible is clear; Amos 3:3, Two can’t walk together unless they are have agreed...your Christian beliefs plays a vital role in your marriage.”

Despite statistics showing there are more women than men, Natasha advises, “Isaiah 34:16 says, ‘Not one will miss their mate, for My mouth has commanded’. That means that there is somebody for everyone regardless of what the census says. I believe there somebody for each one of us. God is a matchmaker.” She advises single people not to rush into sex before marriage. “There are three kinds of singles: Single and searching; single and trusting God for a relationship; and single and sinning. These are the ones that fall in this category of sex trap.”



Natasha advises couples to first build a relationship before getting into marriage. She also talks about true love, which she says is all about commitment.

“God commanded the men to love their wives; He did not command them to have emotional feelings but to be committed. Commitment gives everything to the relationship whether there is a misunderstanding or not.”

She is against taking loans to finance a wedding. “Borrow to start a business that will generate an income and not a wedding that will only last for 24hours,” is he advice.

The other categories of men she warns about include the Solomons; these are flirts and heartbreakers, as well as mamma’s boys.

For the men she advises them to look out for Jezebels and gold-diggers. “The Jezebel kind of a woman is a quarrelsome, has a violent temper and manipulates everything. Jezebel is dead but we have the Jezebel spirit within our generation.”

Natasha believes many women are not looking for love but for ‘help’. “I pray that God will raise a generation that will be successful in life and when it comes to marriage, they will not just bring birth certificates. Finances play a role in marriage but they should not be the priority.”

Asked if she would write a book on women who always want to dictate their sons’ decisions, Natasha says, “I believe that every man who treats their wives as a princess was raised by a queen. It is up to the man to know the boundaries. However I will consider it.”

So, has she ever met these kinds of men she talks about and how did she handle them.

“I have met the Solomon type, the best thing to do is to run and wait for God. Waiting for God is not wasting time. Being single does not mean that God has forgotten you; it means He is still busy writing your love story. It is better to wait for long than to marry wrong.”



For those who are almost giving up on waiting on God, Natasha reminds them at the appointed time He makes all things beautiful.

“If you are still single or dating, never move in with a lover before marriage, that is co-habiting. It will destroy you and your future. Co-habitation is wrong and has no justification. Statistics show that there is a higher rate of divorce amongst people who co-habited before marriage. If you want a better tomorrow, do not co-habit.”

She believes society has happily married couples but the ones who are mostly talked about are the unhappy ones.”

At some point Natasha was trolled for preaching in jeans. “The anointing is not on the clothes you wear plus that was a casual service where you just connect with people in a casual way. It is one way to connect with the current generation. The media may [have blown it out of proportion] but everybody was in casual so I don’t know why the focus was on me.”

How does she deal with the media focus on her? “I focus on my work and to the critics I shut my ears and stay focused on my assignments and what God has called me to do.”

When asked how she reacted when Governor Mike Sonko took her photos and posted them on social media with the caption ‘this woman is beautiful’, Natasha said she does not respond to bloggers.

“...silence as always can’t be misquoted and that is what I use. He actually he did not say I am beautiful; he said ‘the messages of this woman are beautiful’.”

Natasha is also the founder of Miracle Monday. Woshipper gather every Monday at Nairobi Safari Club from 5:30pm to 8pm. She has more than 35 Skiza tunes with various messages, while her books costs Sh500 each.

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