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February 21, 2019

Diamond Platnumz and Hamisa Mobetto celebrate son's birthday

Diamond Platnumz with his son Dylan
Diamond Platnumz with his son Dylan

Diamond Platinumz and his baby mama Hamisa celebrated their son Dylan’s birthday on Wednesday in an invite-only event.

The two together with singers Harmonize, Lava Lava, Mbosso and two other guests were the only ones present.

Diamond helped his son cut the cake and fed everyone in the room, including Hamisa. None of his family members were presents. Some of the family members had earlier sworn not to attend the birthday party.

"Hivi ushawahi kuona kina Hamisa wanatualika kwenye issue zao hata kidogo? Hivyo hatuwezi kwenda hata kidogo wala hatutarajii kabisa [Have you ever seen Hamisa invite us to any of her events? We're not going]," Diamond's sister Esma said in a recent interview.

The singer and the socialite seem to have decided to forge ahead with their relationship, despite his family being against it.

Recently, the Utanipenda hitmaker's mother beat Hamisa and threatened to give her a thorough beating the next time she steps into her Madal home. She said the socialite is not wife material.

"Hamisa...Hajui hata kufanya usafi. Simpendi na sitaki akanyage nyumbani kwangu. Zari namheshimu maana ni mwanamke wa kwanza kabisa kumfanya mwanagu aitwe baba [Hamisa..doesn't know how to clean. I don't like her and I don't want her stepping into my home. I respect Zari, she gave birth to my son's first child]," she said.

"Simkatzi Diamond kuoa lakini sio Hamisa. Nataka mwanamke ambaye anajiheshimu, mwenye heshima na anayejua kupika. Lakini sio Mobetto! [I'm not stopping Diamond from getting married, but not to Hamisa. I want a woman who respects herself, who's respectful, and who knows how to cook. Just not Mobetto]."

Diamond, his family and friends are preparing for his firstborn Princess Tiffah's third birthday this weekend in South Africa.



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