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February 23, 2019

New Zealand man admits secretly filming 34 women in shower

The victims said they felt shocked and degraded by the man's actions. /AGENCIES
The victims said they felt shocked and degraded by the man's actions. /AGENCIES

A New Zealand man has pleaded guilty to filming 34 women at his guesthouse with covert cameras in shampoo bottles.

The man from Hawke's Bay, North Island - who has not been named to protect his wife - made 219 secret recordings from December 2017 to February 2018.

He also admitted posting the videos to a porn site, some with descriptions.

Most of the victims were under 30 and the disguised cameras were placed to film between their shoulders and knees, though faces often came into view.

It is not known if the disguised shampoo bottles were homemade devices or bought online.

The women - who stayed between one night and two weeks - were tracked down by police and said in a statement they felt shocked, ashamed, angered and degraded by the man's actions.

When the man was arrested in February, he told police he had "done it for the thrill and risk of being caught", news outlet Stuff said.

After arranging when the women would use the shower facilities at the homestay he ran, the man would activate the cameras through a remote-control device, the Hastings District Court was told.

He would later remove the shampoo bottles and download the videos onto his computer at night.

Videos were then posted on a porn site, where the man urged viewers to leave positive comments to encourage him to make more recordings.

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