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January 17, 2019

I did secular music just to survive in Kenya – Fabian

Fabian and his two brothers' gospel music band is called Krystaal Music.
The Niguse Tena hitmakers survived a murderous plot in their homeland of Congo (formerly Zaire). They were separated during a flight for survival and reunited in Canada.
"When I came to Kenya, it was because of war in our homeland. [We were separated], my brothers were living in the Kakuma refugee camp and I was in Marsabit and we never met," Fabian told Word Is.
After living in the camp for seven years, a kind official helped his brothers make their way to Canada to begin a new life. This was another miraculous event, Fabian told Word Is.
"So I came to Nairobi...and that is when I started [to produce] music. It was a way to thank God for uniting us again after seven good years," he said.
The siblings were born into a privileged family. Their father was a high-ranking government official under the Mobutu regime. Although working for a government that eventually became dictatorial, he instilled in his children a belief in individual freedom and respect.
"I [believed] that one day I would be a gospel artiste so it was important to start worshiping God, especially having lost my parents who were deeply rooted in Christianity," Fabian said.
"Secular music was just a way to survive in Nairobi because it was the easiest way to get a chance to perform in big hotels. I came here as a young boy but I left for Canada as a grown up and the experience I got from Kenya is what I have been using all my life now."
Doing music with his brothers has been a great experience, despite its ups and downs
"We experience so many challenges but we know the goals that we want to achieve. It has been great sharing this with my brothers, so despite our battles we are always united by our music," Fabian said.
"I have come to start a new thing with this generation. I used to work with Kidum and other friends as a secular artiste but I left and chose another path and that is salvation."
The siblings are working with a Kenyan band that will perform with them in December at the KICC.
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