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February 19, 2019

Kilifi, Mombasa women say muguka to blame for bad sex

Miraa displayed for sale. /FILE
Miraa displayed for sale. /FILE

Women in Kilifi and Mombasa counties want muguka banned to save marriages, saying the popular stimulant turns men who chew it impotent.

A lobby group in Kilifi has asked the county assembly to ban the sale and chewing of muguka (a type of miraa).

Kilifi Mums claims the popular stimulant threatens marriages as men who chew it are unable to have sex. Consumers can also develop cancer and other health complications.

A motion banning the importation of muguka to Mombasa county has been tabled in the Mombasa county assembly.

The Mombasa county assembly Health committee last week tabled a report detailing the harmful effects of muguka, including causing cancer and impotence. The motion is the brainchild of nominated MCA Fatma Kushe.

Kilifi Mums said on Saturday muguka is turning school children into thieves. “School going children are now becoming users of the stimulant and boys resort to stealing to get money to buy it,” said Kibibi Ali, the group’s chairlady.

"Our husbands are no longer performing in bed. It has become the cause of many marriage breakups because women are sexually starved," she said.

A stakeholders meeting held by the Health committee in Mombasa on last Wednesday was told most users of the stimulant do not take any money home, leading to domestic quarrels.

"We engaged health experts who told us muguka has harmful chemicals which may lead to brain cancer," Kushe said.

Kilifi chief officer for Health Bilal Mazoya said muguka is a stimulant with bad side effects like restlessness.

"Spermatorrhea (a condition of excessive involuntary ejaculation) can lead to infertility,” Mazoya said.

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