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February 22, 2019

Bond with baby mamas lasts forever — Obinna

Comedian Oga Obinna /COURTESY
Comedian Oga Obinna /COURTESY

Comedian Oga Obinna has for the first time opened up about his baby mamas. The father of three told Word Is that contrary to rumours, he is in good terms with them.

"We've had our ups and downs, but the minute you have a child with somebody, it is a bond that will last forever, even when the mothers have gotten married to other men," he said.

"The background that I come from is tough, and I wouldn't want my children to go through the same."

The comedian and events host said he knows some celebrities who have abandoned their children to poverty and are enjoying the good life just to look good in the public eye.

"I know a lot of people who are in the media and aren't taking care of their kids. The kids are suffering and the dads are popping champagne," he said.

"I know them and I know their kids. I feel so bad about that and in my head I am like, why would you do that to your children? I don't want to live in a good house or even wear good clothes yet my children are suffering.

"I would sacrifice and if it is my baby mama, I will even kneel down even if I know she is the one who is wrong and even sacrifice my ego just to see my children go to the best schools and even get the best life they would want."

So, when is the wedding?

"I'm not planning to have any wedding, and the reason is I would like things to happen when they will be fit to happen. If that will happen, let it happen on its own course, but in my head now, I am not thinking of having any wedding soon."

He said he enjoys being a father. "Being a dad is amazing and very tough, because sometimes you don't know what to do to your kids when they do wrong. Kids make you happy when you are home and sometimes children believe their dad is their personal gods for whatever reason."

Obinna will be headlining the Guiness FanZone event in Nakuru this coming weekend. He will be performing alongside Naiboi, King Kaka, Khaligraph, Fena Gitu and Jua Cali. DJs on the decks will include Joe Mfalme and Chris Darlin.

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