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February 22, 2019

Trendsetter: A look at Boutross' rise in rap


Boutross is gearing up to be one the defining artistes in his generation of rap, and that is evident in his releases. His career reached another level after he and Barak Jacuzzi made guest appearances on Octopizzo's hit, "Tergat Gang". Not only did he become part of an authoritative movement, he proved he was certainly the artiste to watch.

For most hip hop fans, it was probably the first time we had encountered him, but actually he had been around longer. He is a member of the Alliance Domini Family (ADF), which also comprises K-Green, Dope I-Mean and Musau. They are the brains behind the 'Shrap' wave, which is simply a movement by artistes who conform to the contemporary trap hip hop sound fused with the urban sheng' language.

Regardless of how hard it is to reach the top of the list in the Kenyan scene, Boutross has stuck to his craft. With every release, there is evidence that his rise to mainstream media is gradual. When you ask hip hop fans who their favourite freshmen are, Boutross' name will probably emerge third or fourth. 

A look at his works and you will certainly realise that he is a demonstrable talent with his own imprint. "Billy Jean" is a good release, but he is yet to arrive into the scene atop a viral hit. He's done a couple of striking collaborative releases, but maybe it's time he totally stands out to complete his metamorphosis into the bigger league.

Anyway, anyone who conforms to the trendy trap beat will certainly agree Boutross's lyrical styling is on point. The way his voices suffuses his verses positions him as an artiste who learned from the best. While mumbled braggadocio is a trap rapper’s default setting, it's up to the lad to ensure he truly lives up to it. 

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