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February 18, 2019

Nairobi Park Diary: Lions and signs

Posing on No1 junction
Posing on No1 junction

Last Sunday afternoon I saw many vehicles parked along the main road near No2 junction. So instead of joining the “lion jam” I watched from a distance, hoping the lions might get up, as it was starting to rain lightly. Sure enough, they began to get up and walk away from the road. 

I saw the direction they were moving in. And I guessed they would hopefully emerge from the thick bushes and onto the tar road along the dam leading to No1 junction. I did not wait long when suddenly, seven lions came out of the long grass and onto the road right next to me. And began to walk down the tar road. I followed them to No 1 junction stone sign and watched as three of them climbed on top of the sign. 

They stayed on top of the junction sign for a few minutes and posed beautifully and seemingly surveyed to plains below the ivory burn site. Soon they moved off into the long grass. So I anticipated that they might move towards the ivory burn site. I parked on the murram road and waited. 

Suddenly two unsuspecting warthogs were charged by three young lions. One of the warthogs dashed across the road right next to my car and had a narrow escape. The lions walked through the ivory burn site and upwards. 

Over the years, I have seen many lions on top of sign posts. 

It is interesting to note that the Nairobi Park lions in particular seem to love climbing up the stone junction signs. They often use them to look out over the surrounding areas or just enjoy the warmth from the stones. But it is not often that I have seen lions actually hunt using a sign post.


The park is open daily from 06h00 to 19h00. 

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