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November 21, 2018

Kaya elders condemn violence on the aged

Members of the Kwale Council of Elders in Msambweni /CHARI SUCHE
Members of the Kwale Council of Elders in Msambweni /CHARI SUCHE

The Council of Kaya Elders from Kwale county has condemned violence meted out on the elderly accused of sorcery.

The council says the elderly have become vulnerable and a target of “witch-hunts” and deserve protection and support.

“Grey-haired elders have been living in fear following widespread killings of innocent old people by unknown people associating them with witchcraft mainly in Kwale and Kilifi counties,” Mbwana, the vice-chairman of the council, said.

Said who was speaking on Friday at an environment sensitisation forum in Kwale town said the situation where old people are hacked to death is so grave that it is estimated nearly 200 elderly people, mainly men and elderly widows, have been killed in parts of Kinango and Lunga Lunga over the past five years.

“All these victims killed were accused, without any proof, of being sorcerers. Some of the killers are family members who set up the old,” he said.

Said said the council has been working closely with the Coast Inter-faith Organisation which is under the Catholic leadership in Mombasa in creating public awareness on the need to respect and protect the elderly.

“We want the government to help the council inform youths that one doesn’t have to be old to be a witch. We should do away with these misleading beliefs,” he said.


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