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November 20, 2018

Freshly Mwamburi set to share stage with Fally Ipupa

Freshly Mwamburi and Suzanna Owiyo / COURTEY
Freshly Mwamburi and Suzanna Owiyo / COURTEY

Legendary singer Freshly Mwamburi, famed for the Stella hit song, will be sharing the stage tomorrow night with Congolese maestro Fally Ipupa at Uhuru Gardens. He told Word Is, "I'm happy and I will receive him well. I can't wait to entertain my fans."

Mwamburi is still active in the music industry, and he has been busy working on new projects. 

"I have recorded 10 songs for my seventh album, and I will be launching next month. Some of the songs include Majirani Wabaya, Dunia Msongamano, Nashindwa Kukupenda and others, which I have sang in mother tongue," he told Word Is.

Mwamburi has applauded the media industry for playing a great role in supporting local talent compared to the past.

"A few years ago, there was only one radio station. Nowadays, we have very many FM stations, which are supporting us by playing our music. Also, promoters are doing a great job.

Asked about Stella, the woman who dumped him, he said they still talk, though they do not have anything romantic.

"Stella is in Japan. Last year she was here and we spoke but we don't have any relationship. She's married to a Japanese and they have three children together."

When asked if he has ever been heartbroken again after Stella, he said, "Niliamua kuoa na nikatulia. Lakini kama ningerandaranda ovyo ovyo, hivyo ningevunjwa moyo."

Recently, Mejja of the Kansoul group revealed that he contemplated suicide after his wife left him. Mwamburi advised him to stay strong.

"Wazuri hawaishi kuzaliwa duniani. Wanazaliwa kila siku na mapenzi hayakuanza leo. Kwa hivyo kujiua ni makosa maana si vyema mtu kujitoa uhai kwa mambo kama hayo. Ningemsihi awe na roho ngumu kama ya uncle Freshly Mwamburi," he said.

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