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February 23, 2019

Ruling on Nyong’o family property row set for October 11

Kisumu governor Anyang Nyong’o and his wife Dorothy on August 21 last year /MAURICE ALAL
Kisumu governor Anyang Nyong’o and his wife Dorothy on August 21 last year /MAURICE ALAL

The High Court will rule on a property dispute between Kisumu governor Anyang’ Nyong’o and his nephews on October 11.

Attempts to have the family settle the dispute out of court failed, forcing the matter to proceed to hearing last month.
Nyong’o’s nephews Kenneth Okuthe and Geoffrey Omondi filed a lawsuit, saying some relatives were left out in the list of beneficiaries of Hezbone Nyong’o’s estate.
The patriarch died on November 10, 2006 without a will. Omondi, who is the eldest son of the late Judith Nyong’o (the governor’s sister) has a sibling, Fiona Nyong’o. He said their grandfather took care of the two of them but they have not benefited from his estate since his death.
The petitioners made their final submissions on Tuesday but Nyong’o and his sister Risper Nyagoy did not. Justice Trispisa Cherere said she will deliver a ruling on October 11.
Okuthe and Omondi accuse their uncle and aunt of neglecting the children of their sisters Margaret Awuor and Judith.
They said the governor and Nyagoy were made the administrators of the estate after a local chief certified that the two together with the nephews’ mothers and other siblings were the true beneficiaries.
The applicants are accusing Nyong’o and Nyagoy of concealing important information on confirmation of the grant and not accounting for the estate. They want the court to revoke the letters of administration.
Nyong’o and Nyagoy had initially dismissed the case, saying it was incompetent and intended to paint the family in bad light.
They said even though the patriarch took care of the two nephews after the death of their parents, they were not beneficiaries of his property.
Nyagoy said the governor took the two nephews to school and secured them jobs, but they have been ungrateful and have not helped their ailing grandmother.
The estate is estimated to have been more than Sh200 million when the trust was opened by the governor and his sister.
It includes 100 acres of land in Miwani under a 99-year lease and land along Jogoo Road, Nairobi, where flats have been put up.
Other parcels of land are in Manyatta, Tamu, Milimani estates and East Rata, Seme constituency.

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