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December 14, 2018

Prison warder held after shooting askari in rush hour quarrel

A file photo of pedestrians walking on pavements in Mombasa.
A file photo of pedestrians walking on pavements in Mombasa.

Police have opened an inquiry into the shooting of a Mombasa inspectorate officer by Shimo la Tewa warden.

Patrick Omondi was on Tuesday at 7:00 pm shot by Samuel Mwita at Buxton. The bullet penetrated his ear and neck. He was rushed to Coast Province General Hospital and was discharged on Wednesday.
Mwita, according to Mohamed Amir who is the Inspectorate Director, committed a traffic offence and was hostile.
"It was during a rush hour and he tried to pass over the pavement to beat the traffic," he said.
Mwita reportedly punched Omondi after his pathway was blocked.
He then brandished his gun and shoot Omondi. Other county officer restrained him from firing again and secured the gun.
The public started lynching him before he grabbed our female officer and used her as a shield. She was hurt," Amir said.
Mwita was arrested and spent the night at Urban police station.
Police Commander Johnstone Ipara said Mwita misused his firearm.
" ​We are at stage to conclude the investigation. At nine tomorrow,  you will know the position we are taking," Ipara told journalist at a press briefing at Kenya School of Government on Wednesday.
Ipara said no cop will interfere with the probe and insisted "justice must be delivered".
​The police boss warned other officers against misusing their weapons as they will be held accountable.
Amir said action commensurate to the warden's act should be taken against him.
"We will follow and ensure he is charged. But the incident should not create tension. We have a good working relationship with police," Amir sad.
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