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February 22, 2019

Harmonize recalls rise from hawking to musical fame

Harmonize / MOSES MWANGI
Harmonize / MOSES MWANGI

Bongo superstar Harmonize has opened up about his struggles before fame.

Speaking to Word Is, he said: "I used to sell water in Tanzania. Even when I started focusing on music bado ilinichukua miaka miwili to create a name for myself. I also worked as a hawker before."

The Kwangwaru hitmaker says his first song, Matatizo, focuses on 90 per cent of his true life story.

"At some point, I felt God had not planned I become a musician. There was a time I almost gave up in life, but my mother kept encouraging me to continue pressing on," he said.

"Diamond has mentored me so much in music and even given me a platform to be heard out there."

Harmonize never imagined his songs would be hits like they are today.

"I know sijafika but God is good sahii. Watu wamenijua and I feel so humbled kusikia watu singing my songs line to line."

His message to upcoming artistes is:

"If you want to achieve something believe in yourself, you can make it. That is what made me who I am today."

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